Every year over 33 000 Romanians are dying of lung cancer. Generally the lung cancer is tracked down extremely late due to its silent and unspecific evolution.

The moment when it's tracked down - 75% of the patients - the cancer is already in an advanced state which leads to a survival rate of 17 - 18% after 5 years after the diagnosis.

AER PUR ROMANIA ASSOCIATION together with "Marius Nasta" Institute of Pneumoftiziology is developing a lung cancer risks awareness campaign among Romanian population. It is named "Check-up for Hope".

The final mission of our campaign is to create - within the Institute - the first referential center in Romania for early diagnosis and endoscopic treatment for lung cancer.

The medical reasons that led us to this initiative:

  • worldwide, lung cancer is the main cause of deaths caused by any type of cancer.
  • bronchopulmonary cancer is tracked down extremely late, in a very advanced state, due to its silent and unspecific evolution
  • survival rate at 5 years after being diagnosed is only 17-18 % (high mortality due to late diagnosis)
  • the dominant risk factor for lung cancer is smoking read more
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